Welcome to the Hospital Teaching Service

Children who can’t attend school because of their medical needs have a legal right to a full-time education. The Cranbury College Hospital Teaching Service is a small team of two teachers and two HLTAs who teach children admitted to Dolphin and Lion wards of the Royal Berkshire Hospital. 

Children are offered 1:1 teaching from day one of their stay in hospital. Staff are trained to teach a wide range of subjects. The main focus of teaching is on literacy, numeracy and art. Staff are also trained to work with children of all abilities including those with complex special needs. Reading is a very important part of all our teaching; we are fortunate to be supported by Read For Good and Listening Books. Many children are given a new book to take home and audiobooks are used when children are unable to read.

Staff create personalised curriculums for students and use a range of excellent resources to engage children including iPads and laptops. We work hard to make learning fun, so that children are happy and make good progress. Work is tailored to the child’s interests and ability.

We make links with home schools and keep children up-to-date with their schoolwork. Our aim is that when the children are well enough to return to school, they can do so without having fallen behind and without feeling anxious.
Hospital Teaching Service

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